The best gifts are thoughtful. Have you received something totally bazaar and you think "does he/she know me at all?" Many of my family members are handicap when it comes to this area. To me, it has become an art form and one that requires constantly keeping your eyes peeled for something unique and foreign. Maybe it is my competitive personality that drives me to please or it's the look on people's faces that I actually remembered they liked this or that. Well, tasteful personalized gifts show the person that I planned ahead & put thought into the gift. It all sounds selfish and you're right it is...I enjoy giving gifts because of how it makes me feel when I find something truly, unique that's perfect but they didn't know existed. It's the hunt that keeps me going. At least I'm not keeping it all for myself. I'm even sharing some of my most favorite Personalized Gifts so you can rest easy and let my OCD personality do all the work.

First lets discuss the meaning of "Personalize."
Personalize means to either deboss, emboss, engrave, laser, print or embroider initials, name, symbol or special message onto a product. The most traditional Personalized Gifts include Towels, Stationery and Pens. These are good ideas and I have recommendations for traditional personalized gifts as well as Unique Gifts with Personalization. Please note; before purchasing any Personalized Gift check with the retailer on the delivery time. Many retailers require additional processing time for personalized gifts.